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  • Wildsup Aluminum Paddle
  • Wildsup Aluminum Paddle
  • Wildsup Aluminum Paddle

Product code: wildaluminum

Available quantity Shipping from April 15th, 2021

Manufacturer: WildSUP

This 3 pieces paddle is firm entry-level paddle for those getting into water for the first time. 

899.00 kr

This is our most popular 3 parts aluminum paddle. It is designed to perfectly fit in WildSUP backpack side pocket.

On this paddle you will find a pleasant oval shape handle, the shaft have two connection points, the first one is with plastic clip, which allows to adjust paddle length 180 – 220 cm and the second one is pin button.

The blade is made from 20% of fibre glass and 80% of PE, which makes sure blade will hold all the wild paddling!

Shaft Material Aluminum
Blade Material PP 80%, fiberglass 20%
Paddle Weight 0,9 kg
Paddle Length 180-220 cm
Blade Area 40 x 20 cm
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