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  • Wildsup Carbon Paddle
  • Wildsup Carbon Paddle

Product code: wildCRBN

Available quantity Shipping from April 15th, 2021

Manufacturer: WildSUP

100% carbon paddle is lighweight 3 pieces paddle for advanced paddlers. 

2,150.00 kr

This 100% carbon and only 710 g paddle is designed for those who likes extra comfortable and smooth paddling. Our 3 parts carbon paddle is designed to fit WildSUP backpack side pocket for easy carrying.

On this paddle You will find extra comfortable oval shape handle, the shaft is made with two connections, the first one is clip, which allows to adjust paddle 180 – 220 cm, and the second one is pin button. The blade covered with awesome lighting design.

Because this paddle is full carbon fibre, therefore it is recommended to use such paddle in deep waters where are no obsticles which could cause paddle break.

Shaft Material Carbon fibre
Blade Material Carbon fibre
Paddle Weight 0,71 kg
Paddle Length 180-220 cm.
Blade Area 40 x 20 cm
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