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The Alloy Nylon paddle is Red paddle co entry-level paddle, but no less technical. The mid-section o..
1,079.10 kr 1,199.00 kr
This performance paddle uses a carbon weave for greater strength whilst keeping the paddle super lig..
2,699.10 kr 2,999.00 kr
If you’re looking for similar performance to the Carbon 50 paddle but greater durability, this..
1,439.10 kr 1,599.00 kr
The curve of this paddle’s carbon hybrid blade is performance-enhancing, and the shaft has a d..
2,339.10 kr 2,599.00 kr
A technical performance short sleeve top with Dri-Release™ technology which looks great on and..
450.00 kr
RED Original Unisex Sporting Cap offers lightweight sun protection, breathability and fast drying ca..
350.00 kr
RED Original Women's Performance T-Shirt is the ultimate paddling base layer. A technical perfor..
450.00 kr
The 100% Dry, Easy Access, Durable SUP Deck Bag. Take your gear onto the water without the fear of g..
1,649.00 kr
The perfect combination of a lightweight carbon shaft and durable nylon blade, this is an ideal choi..
2,199.00 kr
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