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  • Aquarius MQ Plus PFD - RED
  • Aquarius MQ Plus PFD - RED
  • Aquarius MQ Plus PFD - RED
  • Aquarius MQ Plus PFD - RED

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Manufacturer: Aquarius

Designed for all kindds of water sports. Comfortable, adjustable personl floatation device is esential accessory for safety on water.

590.00 kr

A buoyancy aid with a zip fastening in front. It is made of corduroy material of high tearing resistance. Its anatomical shape and belts adjustment assure good fitting to a body. A deep and short cut is a guarantee of freedom of movement and space for a trapeze.

These PFDs are designed for all kinds of water sports  - Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking, Sailing, Kitesurfing, Canoeing and any other water-based activity.

Available in 3 sizes.


• SOLAS reflective tapes

• A safety belt (with a buckle and length adjustment)

• Shoulder belts (regulated)

• Side belts (regulated)

• A zip

• An internal pocket

• Elastic drawstrings (hip and side)

• Corduroy type material

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